11/17/2013: Hunh. Anchorage gun store owner is a multi-offense criminal. Imagine that.

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Who would have thunk that a gun store owner would be a criminal.  Throw the book at him.

11/08/2013: Fairbanks man shot in the leg

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We need more guns so that the guy who was shot in the leg could shoot himself, or the other guy, or someone else, because more people shooting more people is only settled by having more people shoot more people.  Absolute madness.

11/08/2013: Shots fired in Anchorage by psycho with a gun

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It’s soooo great that we can’t have background checks all weapons.  We need those loopholes.  How else will the loopy kill other people?  I’m glad that Anchorage folks paid for all of that police time, making it easier for other criminals to be criminals while this criminal used his gun.

11/03/2013: Two dead in Wasilla because there was a gun available

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Natasha Clark and Anthony Torres are dead, because at least one of them chose to settle up by using a pistol to kill themselves.  You know who has clean hands on this?  Non-gun owners.  You know who doesn’t?  Gun owners.  Every time.

10/27/2013: Another dead Alaskan in Anchorage due to gunshot

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Everyone who owns a gun or has given money to pro-gun groups is responsible for this.  Without the gun, this almost certainly does not happen.  Thanks, gun owners!

10/27/2013: Soldotna man who would otherwise be alive, isn’t

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Oh but I’m confident that he didn’t know how to properly handle his firearm.  I mean, he’s only a hunter.  Thanks, NRA, for making this possible.

10/25/2013: Anchorage man threatens with gun, then wastes everybody’s time

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Thanks gun owners, for making this man possible.  I’m glad our taxes have to be spent on this guy and not on, say, education or anything.

10/25/2013: Noorvik man shoots at homes

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But moments before any of this happened, the NRA and gun owners everywhere were saying that it’s a great idea for this man to own a firearm because it’s his “patriotic duty”.  Idiots.

10/18/2013: Anchorage moose calves face winter without Mom thanks to gun owner’s poor decision skills

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It’s really not that hard to ride a bike past some moose.  This particular moose was 25′ away.  It posed no threat.  But because this gun owner suffers from small penis, small brain syndrome, he shot and wounded a moose, letting it suffer for a few days before police found it and put it out of its misery.

Gun owners have very poor judgement, made obvious upon owning a gun, and made even more obvious when the gun is used.  Gun owners make me absolutely sick to my stomach.

I would hope that the a-hole gun owner who did this to the mama moose would suffer an equally horrific death, but that would bring me to their level, so I won’t go there.  A hefty fine and some outdoor community service in January would do nicely.

10/20/2013: Fairbanks man is now dead.

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It’s weird, because Mr. Patton was alive the moment before someone went through the following thought process:  “hey, here’s a handgun.  Let’s use it on this person and make them dead instead of alive.”