11/17/2013: Hunh. Anchorage gun store owner is a multi-offense criminal. Imagine that.
November 17, 2013


Who would have thunk that a gun store owner would be a criminal.  Throw the book at him.

11/08/2013: Shots fired in Anchorage by psycho with a gun
November 15, 2013


It’s soooo great that we can’t have background checks all weapons.  We need those loopholes.  How else will the loopy kill other people?  I’m glad that Anchorage folks paid for all of that police time, making it easier for other criminals to be criminals while this criminal used his gun.

10/25/2013: Anchorage man threatens with gun, then wastes everybody’s time
October 26, 2013


Thanks gun owners, for making this man possible.  I’m glad our taxes have to be spent on this guy and not on, say, education or anything.

10/25/2013: Noorvik man shoots at homes
October 26, 2013


But moments before any of this happened, the NRA and gun owners everywhere were saying that it’s a great idea for this man to own a firearm because it’s his “patriotic duty”.  Idiots.

10/20/2013: Fairbanks man who was alive is now very dead. Thanks, gun owners!
October 20, 2013


He should have had a gun.  All four Alaskans who were shot and/or killed by gunfire in the last 30 hours, should have had more guns because gun owners are totally right.  If we had more guns, this wouldn’t happen, because of more guns.  More guns are needed.  We need more guns.  It’s soooo obvious!

10/20/2013: Two shot in Jewel Lake at a “party”
October 20, 2013

Clearly, more guns are needed, because the ones we have right now are not enough.  We need more guns.  That would solve the problem of death and injury by gunshot.


10/09/2013: Gun owner uses gun to make crime easier
October 14, 2013


It’s neat that so many people (gun owners) work really hard to make sure that guns are available to everyone!  Think what would happen if there weren’t any guns–I mean, there might not be any guns.  We can’t have that!

9/29/2013: Anchorage man is shot by a person with a gun, not a person without a gun, imagine that.
October 2, 2013


But we need more guns, cuz that totally prevents this stuff.

9/12/13: Tununak man’s gun changes him from non-criminal to criminal when he shoots and kills son
September 14, 2013

There’s nothing to see here.  It is just another very obvious example of how guns do not help you.  The NRA and GOP use fear and bastardization of the 2nd Amendment to justify the existence of firearms in your home, and then when people die from the use of guns, that just stokes more fear, driving the cycle ever downwards.  Please melt them down.


9/12/2013: Anchorage shop owner shot in leg
September 14, 2013



Boy guns sure made things better for this guy.  I bet he’s really glad that we have so many people with guns.  I bet he’s just thrilled that criminals are able to arm themselves by stealing from gun owners.  Thank you for arming criminals, gun owners.  You’ re true patriots!  Yay guns!