11/08/2013: Fairbanks man shot in the leg
November 15, 2013


We need more guns so that the guy who was shot in the leg could shoot himself, or the other guy, or someone else, because more people shooting more people is only settled by having more people shoot more people.  Absolute madness.

11/16/2012: Gun shoots one man, makes rape easier to commit, then suicide follows
November 17, 2012


What part of this did the weapon make better?  It certainly made it easy to shoot the boyfriend, the threat of using it against the woman certainly made the raping easier to commit, and then it certainly made it easier for the criminal to kill himself.  Look at the cost.  How anyone can justify gun ownership is simply stunning.

10/15/2012: Sorry I used your gun to shoot you accidentally and kill you, Daddy
November 17, 2012

Gee, just think what would have happened if this family didn’t own a gun.  Might the Dad still be alive?  Yes.  He would be.  But because someone chose to own a gun, the father is dead.  Blood is on the hands of everyone who owns a gun–you contribute to this.  You made it easier for this to happen with your gun demand.

10/28/2012: Anchorage man shot and killed by someone with a gun
October 28, 2012


This man is dead because guns make it very easy to kill people.  That is why guns were invented.  Guns are inexpensive and available to nearly everyone in the U.S. because of fear-driven demand.  If there were no demand for guns in the U.S., there would be nearly nobody making guns, and the few that were made would likely be quite expensive.  But thanks to the NRA fear factory and the very stupid people who give them money, we have demand, cheap guns and poor gun laws.  And now there is another dead Alaskan to add to the long list of dead Alaskans who were in the way of a gun owner’s bullet.

10/24/2012: Two shot in Fairbanks, one of them is now dead. Guess why.
October 26, 2012


The one with the gun is dead.  The one without the gun, is not dead, and also did not kill or shoot anyone.

Read that again.

The one WITHOUT the gun is alive.

And the one WITH the gun, is the one going around shooting.

Get rid of guns.  They are of zero value in modern society.

10/16/2012: Anchorage man shot
October 17, 2012


Oh no, a verbal altercation.  I bet they were not using words with many syllables.  No wonder it was time to pull a gun.  I mean, they were being verbal!  It’s soooo great that we have guns so we can shoot people when they call us names.

10/15/2012: Willow man is shot and killed
October 17, 2012

What is there to say.  Just further evidence that those who possess guns tend to be more involved in shooting, which lends itself to more death.

10/02/2012: Gun leads to death of Bethel man
October 17, 2012


Another dead Alaskan gun owner.  The NRA lives on death.  If you own a gun, you do too.  Your insane demand for gun ownership leads directly to these deaths.

9/17/2012: Boyfriend shoots girlfriend in the head, leaves her in a ditch to die
September 20, 2012


But guns protect freedom and liberty as evidence by the trail of death that gun owners work hard to preserve.

7/20/2012: Gun used in South Anchorage kidnapping. Neat!
July 21, 2012


Will someone please point me to all of the instances where guns in Alaska are being used to not kill and maim and generally make society worse off?