11/08/2013: Shots fired in Anchorage by psycho with a gun
November 15, 2013


It’s soooo great that we can’t have background checks all weapons.  We need those loopholes.  How else will the loopy kill other people?  I’m glad that Anchorage folks paid for all of that police time, making it easier for other criminals to be criminals while this criminal used his gun.

10/27/2013: Another dead Alaskan in Anchorage due to gunshot
November 15, 2013


Everyone who owns a gun or has given money to pro-gun groups is responsible for this.  Without the gun, this almost certainly does not happen.  Thanks, gun owners!

10/27/2013: Soldotna man who would otherwise be alive, isn’t
November 15, 2013


Oh but I’m confident that he didn’t know how to properly handle his firearm.  I mean, he’s only a hunter.  Thanks, NRA, for making this possible.

12/30/2012: Sitka woman dead from gun doing what guns are supposed to do
January 4, 2013


Why would an intelligent person own a gun?  They’re just not that helpful.  Now this person is dead.  It will be interesting to see if we’ve learned anything from this unfortunate incident, or Newtown, or any other gun use by the “well regulated militia” that isn’t.

12/31/2012: Polite society apparently means using rifle to cause blackout in Klawock
January 4, 2013


Of course, a society armed with firearms isn’t more polite, it is less polite.  This is just another example of gun owners making life worse, not better.

10/02/2012: Gun leads to death of Bethel man
October 17, 2012


Another dead Alaskan gun owner.  The NRA lives on death.  If you own a gun, you do too.  Your insane demand for gun ownership leads directly to these deaths.

10/13/2012: Mat-Su Valley man who was alive earlier today, is now dead, and it’s because of guns.
October 13, 2012

If this man did not have a gun, he would still be alive.  That is a fact.  It is also a fact that he had a gun, because gun owners in this country refuse to deal with facts.  And that is why the NRA supports Mitt Romney, and not America.

2/01/2012: And yet another shooting–this time in Brevig Mission. Again.
February 4, 2012


I think about 1/4 of the population of Brevig Mission has now shot someone, or has tried to shoot someone.  Thanks, NRA!

12/07/2011: New Stuyahok man opens fire on State Troopers
December 30, 2011


Thanks, gun owners!  You’re neat, and so on the right side of the issue of guns.  I mean, look at all of the people that are still alive!  Look at all the people who haven’t been assaulted or robbed or raped or beaten today!  You gun owners should sleep really well tonight!

12/12/2011: Fairbanks man’s suicide made easier, more successful by the NRA
December 30, 2011


Thanks, NRA!  Glad you lobby so hard for death and crime.