11/08/2013: Fairbanks man shot in the leg
November 15, 2013


We need more guns so that the guy who was shot in the leg could shoot himself, or the other guy, or someone else, because more people shooting more people is only settled by having more people shoot more people.  Absolute madness.

10/20/2013: Fairbanks man is now dead.
October 21, 2013


It’s weird, because Mr. Patton was alive the moment before someone went through the following thought process:  “hey, here’s a handgun.  Let’s use it on this person and make them dead instead of alive.”

10/20/2013: Fairbanks man who was alive is now very dead. Thanks, gun owners!
October 20, 2013


He should have had a gun.  All four Alaskans who were shot and/or killed by gunfire in the last 30 hours, should have had more guns because gun owners are totally right.  If we had more guns, this wouldn’t happen, because of more guns.  More guns are needed.  We need more guns.  It’s soooo obvious!

11/16/2012: Gun shoots one man, makes rape easier to commit, then suicide follows
November 17, 2012


What part of this did the weapon make better?  It certainly made it easy to shoot the boyfriend, the threat of using it against the woman certainly made the raping easier to commit, and then it certainly made it easier for the criminal to kill himself.  Look at the cost.  How anyone can justify gun ownership is simply stunning.

10/24/2012: Two shot in Fairbanks, one of them is now dead. Guess why.
October 26, 2012


The one with the gun is dead.  The one without the gun, is not dead, and also did not kill or shoot anyone.

Read that again.

The one WITHOUT the gun is alive.

And the one WITH the gun, is the one going around shooting.

Get rid of guns.  They are of zero value in modern society.

7/18/2012: Twelve year old is now dead thanks to gun ownership
July 21, 2012


This is on you, gun owners of America.  You did a lot to make sure guns were easily accessible, and you continue to make sure that the NRA’s opinion on the matter is highly controlling of our elected representatives.  Gun owners are every bit as responsible for this death as the one who pulled the trigger.

5/24/2012: Fairbanks man opens fire on police
May 28, 2012


But we need to make sure everyone can have a gun so that when the time comes to take back Washington, we’ll be able to do it.  Cuz that’s likely to be successful.  And U.S. gun deaths we experience now are acceptable, to gun owners.  The rest of us think gun owners are not very bright.  Facts back us up on that.

4/25/2012: Fairbanks woman uses her firearm to attempt murder of husband
May 2, 2012


Neat!  Thank you gun owners!  More crime!  The exact opposite of what you say is supposed to happen.

1/27/2012: Unstable North Pole gun owner starts shooting
January 28, 2012


In the minute prior to the beginning of the shooting, gun owners would defend her right to own a weapon.  Do they still, even after this?  Don’t they always?

12/12/2011: Fairbanks man’s suicide made easier, more successful by the NRA
December 30, 2011


Thanks, NRA!  Glad you lobby so hard for death and crime.