11/08/2013: Fairbanks man shot in the leg
November 15, 2013


We need more guns so that the guy who was shot in the leg could shoot himself, or the other guy, or someone else, because more people shooting more people is only settled by having more people shoot more people.  Absolute madness.

11/08/2013: Shots fired in Anchorage by psycho with a gun
November 15, 2013


It’s soooo great that we can’t have background checks all weapons.  We need those loopholes.  How else will the loopy kill other people?  I’m glad that Anchorage folks paid for all of that police time, making it easier for other criminals to be criminals while this criminal used his gun.

11/03/2013: Two dead in Wasilla because there was a gun available
November 15, 2013


Natasha Clark and Anthony Torres are dead, because at least one of them chose to settle up by using a pistol to kill themselves.  You know who has clean hands on this?  Non-gun owners.  You know who doesn’t?  Gun owners.  Every time.

8/29/2013: Ooopsie, my gun accidentally went off twice and we’re both shot now
August 30, 2013


Clearly, guns do shoot people.  But nevermind.  It’s a good idea to have firearms in your house cuz they’re totally going to be used to thwart a home invasion and won’t just make your homeowner’s insurance higher (because it’s actually a bad idea to have firearms in your home).  Insurance companies have very, very good statisticians (actuaries), and these folks see the numbers, and charge you accordingly.  Yay smart!

1/2/2013: Gun makes Anchorage robbery easier, of course
January 4, 2013


Guns make robbery easier.  Got a gun?  It won’t help you.  It will make things worse.  I’m glad the Subway restaurant in this story did not have a gun.  Now, what part of an armed society makes for a more polite society again?

11/16/2012: Gun shoots one man, makes rape easier to commit, then suicide follows
November 17, 2012


What part of this did the weapon make better?  It certainly made it easy to shoot the boyfriend, the threat of using it against the woman certainly made the raping easier to commit, and then it certainly made it easier for the criminal to kill himself.  Look at the cost.  How anyone can justify gun ownership is simply stunning.

10/15/2012: Sorry I used your gun to shoot you accidentally and kill you, Daddy
November 17, 2012

Gee, just think what would have happened if this family didn’t own a gun.  Might the Dad still be alive?  Yes.  He would be.  But because someone chose to own a gun, the father is dead.  Blood is on the hands of everyone who owns a gun–you contribute to this.  You made it easier for this to happen with your gun demand.

10/28/2012: 12 minutes earlier, another Anchorage man was shot
October 28, 2012


12 minutes.  Two wholly separate shootings.  One dead.  Guns involved in each case.  Notice what isn’t involved?  Not-guns.  Not-guns never shoot anyone, and nobody ever dies from there not being a gun involved.

10/28/2012: Anchorage man shot and killed by someone with a gun
October 28, 2012


This man is dead because guns make it very easy to kill people.  That is why guns were invented.  Guns are inexpensive and available to nearly everyone in the U.S. because of fear-driven demand.  If there were no demand for guns in the U.S., there would be nearly nobody making guns, and the few that were made would likely be quite expensive.  But thanks to the NRA fear factory and the very stupid people who give them money, we have demand, cheap guns and poor gun laws.  And now there is another dead Alaskan to add to the long list of dead Alaskans who were in the way of a gun owner’s bullet.

10/24/2012: Two shot in Fairbanks, one of them is now dead. Guess why.
October 26, 2012


The one with the gun is dead.  The one without the gun, is not dead, and also did not kill or shoot anyone.

Read that again.

The one WITHOUT the gun is alive.

And the one WITH the gun, is the one going around shooting.

Get rid of guns.  They are of zero value in modern society.