10/13/2012: Mat-Su Valley man who was alive earlier today, is now dead, and it’s because of guns.
October 13, 2012

If this man did not have a gun, he would still be alive.  That is a fact.  It is also a fact that he had a gun, because gun owners in this country refuse to deal with facts.  And that is why the NRA supports Mitt Romney, and not America.

9/17/2012: Boyfriend shoots girlfriend in the head, leaves her in a ditch to die
September 20, 2012


But guns protect freedom and liberty as evidence by the trail of death that gun owners work hard to preserve.

1/29/2012: Two hurt in yet another accidental shooting
January 29, 2012


It’s really ridiculous how often filthy guns lead to someone getting shot.  Why would anyone want to own a firearm?  Makes absolutely no sense.  None.

1/09/2012: Yet another gun owner who cannot control his gun, shoots self
January 15, 2012


But I’m sure he’s protecting freedom with his gun, so it’s all good.

12/29/2011: Yet another Juneau man uses his gun to threaten women, children
December 31, 2011


What is going on in Juneau?  Why aren’t gun owners preventing this sort of thing from happening?

12/30/2011: Anchorage man w/gun makes life worse and consumes taxpayer $$ with police response
December 31, 2011


Oh, but there are so many instances of guns being used to prevent crime and make life better.  I mean, look at ’em all!  You can’t hardly open the paper or turn on the tv without being buried in those stories.

Oh wait.

12/07/2011: New Stuyahok man opens fire on State Troopers
December 30, 2011


Thanks, gun owners!  You’re neat, and so on the right side of the issue of guns.  I mean, look at all of the people that are still alive!  Look at all the people who haven’t been assaulted or robbed or raped or beaten today!  You gun owners should sleep really well tonight!

12/12/2011: Fairbanks man’s suicide made easier, more successful by the NRA
December 30, 2011


Thanks, NRA!  Glad you lobby so hard for death and crime.

12/25/2011: North Pole man uses gun to kill himself
December 30, 2011


But think of the crimes he prevented!  Oh sure, this gun owner is dead, but it’s a net gain.  Right, gun owners?

12/17/2011: Two dead in Kipnuk because bullets tend to do that
December 30, 2011


Two more dead.  Thanks gun owners!  Clearly, you are preventing crime and death, by promoting crime and death!  Next you’ll tell us that Iraq has WMD.