10/09/2013: Gun owner uses gun to make crime easier
October 14, 2013


It’s neat that so many people (gun owners) work really hard to make sure that guns are available to everyone!  Think what would happen if there weren’t any guns–I mean, there might not be any guns.  We can’t have that!

1/3/2013: Another day, another robbery made easier via gunpoint
January 4, 2013


Again, where is the more polite society?  Guns don’t kill people, except when they do, and they make crime easier to commit.  We need to melt them all.

1/2/2013: Gun makes Anchorage robbery easier, of course
January 4, 2013


Guns make robbery easier.  Got a gun?  It won’t help you.  It will make things worse.  I’m glad the Subway restaurant in this story did not have a gun.  Now, what part of an armed society makes for a more polite society again?

1/01/2013: Anchorage criminal made more brazen with gun availability
January 4, 2013


Criminals love guns.  It makes their job easier.  That gun you might own?  If you’re a responsible gun owner, you’ll have it locked up, ammo stored separately, so it’s almost impossible for you to ever get to it if you needed it.  AND, your gun is a nice little score for a criminal, so it can actually ATTRACT them.  See how you’ve made society worse by choosing to own a gun?  See story.  Yay guns!

12/31/2012: Polite society apparently means using rifle to cause blackout in Klawock
January 4, 2013


Of course, a society armed with firearms isn’t more polite, it is less polite.  This is just another example of gun owners making life worse, not better.

12/15/2012: Man shot in Anchorage. Not stabbed, tickled or punched, but shot.
December 25, 2012


He was shot by someone using a firearm that the NRA fought to get him.  He was shot, because the owner of the firearm knows that shooting someone is a lot safer for them than close, physical contact.  Guns make crime easier to commit.

11/13/2012: Anchorage man shot near the university
December 25, 2012


Oh, but this wouldn’t have happened if the guy who got shot had a gun, because having more people with guns so clearly results in fewer people getting shot.  Clearly.

12/16/2011: Big Lake gun use leads to death
December 20, 2011


Pretty cool the way that yet another gun was used not in the prevention of crime, and not in serving as a check on our government, but in the commission of another crime. When will gun owners learn!!