12/30/2012: Sitka woman dead from gun doing what guns are supposed to do
January 4, 2013


Why would an intelligent person own a gun?  They’re just not that helpful.  Now this person is dead.  It will be interesting to see if we’ve learned anything from this unfortunate incident, or Newtown, or any other gun use by the “well regulated militia” that isn’t.

12/22/2012: Grayling man shot
December 25, 2012


Guns sure made this situation better, didn’t they, Mr. LaPierre?

12/15/2012: Man shot in Anchorage. Not stabbed, tickled or punched, but shot.
December 25, 2012


He was shot by someone using a firearm that the NRA fought to get him.  He was shot, because the owner of the firearm knows that shooting someone is a lot safer for them than close, physical contact.  Guns make crime easier to commit.

11/13/2012: Anchorage man shot near the university
December 25, 2012


Oh, but this wouldn’t have happened if the guy who got shot had a gun, because having more people with guns so clearly results in fewer people getting shot.  Clearly.

11/16/2012: Gun shoots one man, makes rape easier to commit, then suicide follows
November 17, 2012


What part of this did the weapon make better?  It certainly made it easy to shoot the boyfriend, the threat of using it against the woman certainly made the raping easier to commit, and then it certainly made it easier for the criminal to kill himself.  Look at the cost.  How anyone can justify gun ownership is simply stunning.

10/28/2012: 12 minutes earlier, another Anchorage man was shot
October 28, 2012


12 minutes.  Two wholly separate shootings.  One dead.  Guns involved in each case.  Notice what isn’t involved?  Not-guns.  Not-guns never shoot anyone, and nobody ever dies from there not being a gun involved.

10/28/2012: Anchorage man shot and killed by someone with a gun
October 28, 2012


This man is dead because guns make it very easy to kill people.  That is why guns were invented.  Guns are inexpensive and available to nearly everyone in the U.S. because of fear-driven demand.  If there were no demand for guns in the U.S., there would be nearly nobody making guns, and the few that were made would likely be quite expensive.  But thanks to the NRA fear factory and the very stupid people who give them money, we have demand, cheap guns and poor gun laws.  And now there is another dead Alaskan to add to the long list of dead Alaskans who were in the way of a gun owner’s bullet.

10/24/2012: Two shot in Fairbanks, one of them is now dead. Guess why.
October 26, 2012


The one with the gun is dead.  The one without the gun, is not dead, and also did not kill or shoot anyone.

Read that again.

The one WITHOUT the gun is alive.

And the one WITH the gun, is the one going around shooting.

Get rid of guns.  They are of zero value in modern society.

10/16/2012: Anchorage man shot
October 17, 2012


Oh no, a verbal altercation.  I bet they were not using words with many syllables.  No wonder it was time to pull a gun.  I mean, they were being verbal!  It’s soooo great that we have guns so we can shoot people when they call us names.

10/15/2012: Willow man is shot and killed
October 17, 2012

What is there to say.  Just further evidence that those who possess guns tend to be more involved in shooting, which lends itself to more death.