10/20/2013: Fairbanks man who was alive is now very dead. Thanks, gun owners!
October 20, 2013


He should have had a gun.  All four Alaskans who were shot and/or killed by gunfire in the last 30 hours, should have had more guns because gun owners are totally right.  If we had more guns, this wouldn’t happen, because of more guns.  More guns are needed.  We need more guns.  It’s soooo obvious!

10/20/2013: Two shot in Jewel Lake at a “party”
October 20, 2013

Clearly, more guns are needed, because the ones we have right now are not enough.  We need more guns.  That would solve the problem of death and injury by gunshot.


10/17/2013: Gun owner uses his gun on Thursday
October 19, 2013


The day before, on Wednesday, the NRA was arguing that this man should own a gun.  On Thursday, the man used the gun.  He started off using it to hold his girlfriend against her will.  Then there were a couple of shots, and now they are both dead.  Thanks, NRA!

9/22/2013: Wasilla gun owner has own guns stolen and used against him
September 26, 2013


Way to go gun owners.  It’s neat that you arm criminals so they can use your own guns against everyone, just as the founding fathers wanted.

9/12/13: Tununak man’s gun changes him from non-criminal to criminal when he shoots and kills son
September 14, 2013

There’s nothing to see here.  It is just another very obvious example of how guns do not help you.  The NRA and GOP use fear and bastardization of the 2nd Amendment to justify the existence of firearms in your home, and then when people die from the use of guns, that just stokes more fear, driving the cycle ever downwards.  Please melt them down.


9/12/2013: Anchorage shop owner shot in leg
September 14, 2013



Boy guns sure made things better for this guy.  I bet he’s really glad that we have so many people with guns.  I bet he’s just thrilled that criminals are able to arm themselves by stealing from gun owners.  Thank you for arming criminals, gun owners.  You’ re true patriots!  Yay guns!

8/29/2013: Ooopsie, my gun accidentally went off twice and we’re both shot now
August 30, 2013


Clearly, guns do shoot people.  But nevermind.  It’s a good idea to have firearms in your house cuz they’re totally going to be used to thwart a home invasion and won’t just make your homeowner’s insurance higher (because it’s actually a bad idea to have firearms in your home).  Insurance companies have very, very good statisticians (actuaries), and these folks see the numbers, and charge you accordingly.  Yay smart!

1/3/2013: Another day, another robbery made easier via gunpoint
January 4, 2013


Again, where is the more polite society?  Guns don’t kill people, except when they do, and they make crime easier to commit.  We need to melt them all.

12/30/2012: Sitka woman dead from gun doing what guns are supposed to do
January 4, 2013


Why would an intelligent person own a gun?  They’re just not that helpful.  Now this person is dead.  It will be interesting to see if we’ve learned anything from this unfortunate incident, or Newtown, or any other gun use by the “well regulated militia” that isn’t.

12/31/2012: Polite society apparently means using rifle to cause blackout in Klawock
January 4, 2013


Of course, a society armed with firearms isn’t more polite, it is less polite.  This is just another example of gun owners making life worse, not better.