4/09/2012: Man uses his gun to shoot a woman in the head

This is how this man chose to use his “right” to bear arms.

It’s soooo great that we can have guns to shoot each other with and make crime easier to commit!

One Response

  1. http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/pa/pa.urd/pamw2000.o_case_sum?24214041

    The perp in this case was recently (late 2009) subject to a restraining order for domestic violence. As I’m sure you’re aware, individuals who are subject to a restraining order for DV cannot purchase, own, possess, or transport firearms due to the Lautenberg Amendment. That is, they have no firearms rights. According to Alaska Trialview the restraining order was dropped because the petitioner requested it be dropped.

    Rarely do people “snap” and suddenly murder a loved one (whether that murder be committed with a gun, knife, baseball bat, rope, etc). Usually there is a long string of incidents prior to a heinous crime like murder 1. I’ve got to wonder why this guy wasn’t charged with a simple misdemeanor of domestic violence well before the murder, which would have rendered him a prohibited person and taken away all firearms rights. I’ve even got to wonder why the protective order was dropped so soon, after just two months.

    I know you don’t believe this, but it is possible to take away someone’s right to keep and bear arms. It just requires some due process, i.e. a restraining order OR a misdemeanor DV conviction. Those aren’t high bars to meet, compared to what it takes to eliminate other rights like voting (generally requires a felony conviction). Like Gov Parnell suggests in his “Breaking the Silence” campaign, I’d prefer to ask why more battered spouses don’t seek out the resources which are available to protect them from their abusers.

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