1/01/2012: Twenty Five hours.


Thanks, Alaskan gun owners, for waiting 25 hours hour into the new year before deciding to start shooting other people. That was soooo great!

You know who isn’t shooting each other? People who make the correct decision not to own guns.

One Response

  1. Are you aware that Craig Brown — the innkeep — was a prohibited person? That is, due to his record of felonies and domestic violence, he was legally prohibited from purchasing or touching a firearm. His last parole violation was about a year ago according to Alaska TrialView.

    Our current gun control measures failed to disarm the shooter. How would more gun control (generally targeted at NON-felons, that is, law abiding Alaskans) help deal with career criminals who have decided to flaunt our laws over and over?

    Do you favor early release or continued parole for violent felons who violate the terms of their release? If the shooter had been incarcerated again after his last parole violation, that might have prevented this event.

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