12/23/2011: Soldotna man uses his gun to shoot up his own home, and sadly, his dog


Looks like the dog will survive.  I hope the owner doesn’t ever get to touch a firearm again.

One Response

  1. Did you look at anything else in that police report?


    A 17 year old male kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 32 year old woman… without a firearm.
    Multiple DUIs, some involving children.
    A man was killed on his snow machine.
    A man used a machete to assault police officers.

    Should we also be banning machetes, snow machines, alcohol, and kidnapping (oh, wait–that’s already illegal, but criminals apparently ignore laws…)? If not, why are these things any different from firearms? More people are killed in DUIs in Alaska every year than in homicides with firearms, after all.

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