12/16/2011: Big Lake gun use leads to death


Pretty cool the way that yet another gun was used not in the prevention of crime, and not in serving as a check on our government, but in the commission of another crime. When will gun owners learn!!

3 Responses

  1. The shooter was almost certainly a prohibited person which means it was illegal for him to purchase or touch a firearm:

    I have to wonder why, after a history of beating his family members for twenty years, including a recent incident leading to a protective order being issued just two days ago (http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/pa/pa.urd/pamw2000.o_case_sum?3291235), this guy was still on the streets. I thought it was a crime to beat the crud out of your loved ones, and that after literally dozens of calls the police might eventually arrest you and jail you.

    In any event, law enforcement failed to effectively enforce our current gun control laws as well as our domestic violence laws. Why would adding additional laws targeting law abiding folks — not guys like the shooter who clearly have little respect for the law — change this problem?

    • So folks who shouldn’t be getting their hands on guns, got their hands on guns. Thanks, gun owners!

  2. Except the laws which you propose have no effect on the perps. The perps are ignoring our current laws. What makes you think that yet more laws would somehow garner compliance from career criminals?

    Your proposed laws would only affect law abiding people.

    I really fail to understand the logic or linkage.

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