12/11/2011: Two year old Anchorage boy shot in head by gun cleaning man


How do guns get so dirty?  What are gun owners doing with their weapons that they can’t control?  No matter, it’s only a little boy this time that’s paying the price of gun owner’s sickness.  He’s getting better.  It’s gun owners who really need the help.  Guns aren’t the problem, dirt is.  Argue that.  Melt them down.

3 Responses

  1. This incident was obviously a clear violation of several of the four rules of gun safety.

    Interestingly, the man who fired the weapon appears to be a veteran; he has a recent address from Ft Richardson in the yellow pages, and several comments attached to stories reference him returning from an army deployment to Afghanistan.

    You yourself have stated that you think that the police and military personnel should be allowed to retain weapons, so even in your gun-free civilian disarmament utopia this tragedy would have occurred. Even if you wanted to disarm all off duty LEOs and military, I think it rather unlikely that you’d succeed (cops put a lot of bad guys who hold grudges behind bars). So, “melt them all down” doesn’t seem to be a serious proposal, unless you want to disarm all the cops and military personnel too.

    Furthermore, this terrible negligent discharge illustrates that the “only ones” (police and military) do not have Magic Gunhandling Powers as you’ve suggested here in the past. In fact, many civilians are trained to a significantly higher standard than their fellow citizens who happen to have jobs in law enforcement or the military. I’ve attended training courses where military members stated that they were getting much better training in the civilian world than they did in the service, and I’ve been to shooting competitions in Alaska where civilians outperformed police officers that showed up.

    • I agree, gun safety was not followed. And if you don’t have a gun, the gun safety issue, isn’t.

  2. So, you favor disarming all police and military personnel then, as the risk of a negligent discharge outweighs the benefits of having an army or armed constabulary?

    Maybe I misunderstand you, but I think that idea puts you FAR outside the mainstream of, well, anyone.

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