11/20/2011: Shooting near Willow kills yet another human being


Neat, hunh?  Again, why do so many people in the U.S. think gun ownership is a good thing?  It has nothing to do with protecting freedom.  That worked in the 1700s and 1800s, but no longer.  So what’s with the gun lust?  It is soooo very obvious that guns make society worse, not better.

2 Responses

  1. Your claim isn’t obvious to me. My guns have hurt no one during the time that I’ve owned them, and the same statement is true about the guns of many other Americans. What’s obvious to me is that we need to hold people responsible for their actions and leave alone those who harm no one.

  2. So hang on… Here we have a fight in a residence. One person, apparently fearing that his opponent (who had been previously arrested on felony charges, by the way) intended to kill or maim him, used a handgun in what appears to be legitimate defensive deadly force.

    The authorities are declining to press charges, which implies that there is either (A) not enough evidence to get a grand jury to indict, (B) the shooting was justifiable homicide in self defense, or (C) are corrupt and intend to cover up crimes with firearms.

    We’ll see what happens as more evidence is gathered, but generally, SOP would be to book the shooter if there was any hint of it being a murder. You don’t let possible murderers wander around. That makes me think that the police and DA think that this was a legitimate defensive shooting.

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