11/16/2011: Palmer fight leads to shooting because guns makes situations better


This is a case where a gun owner’s brain actually determined that it would be a stoner to get shot than it would for a stoner to keep fighting, wear out, get sleepy, eat doritos and go to sleep without a bullet wound.

Thanks, gun owners, for making this bad decision easier to carry out.  People getting shot is a good thing–always!  Remember that mantra and keep practicing it because it’s soooo true.

One Response

  1. Do you realize that it is already illegal under current federal law for anyone who is an unlawful user of controlled substances to buy or possess a firearm? Under Alaska law, it is also illegal to possess a firearm that furthers illegal drug possession or distribution. It is also illegal to possess or discharge a firearm while intoxicated.

    Rather than blaming the 99.999% of law-abding Alaska gun owners, why don’t you ask why the authorities are not enforcing existing laws on the book?

    Alternatively, if the authorities looked at the case — in which the evidence of drug/alcohol use seems pretty clear — and decided that there was no criminal prosecution, that seems to imply that the shooting was justified.

    Do you seriously intend to imply that the Alaska state troopers, the DA’s office, and the Northwest Branch of the federal ATF are all corrupt and in bed with the evil gun lobby to cover up this case by declining to prosecute?

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