11/01/2011: Eagle man chooses firearm to beat girlfriend


Good job, gun owners/NRA members in making sure that this man could get his hands on a firearm.  Way to make that society more polite!  It’s soooo great that you helped make this possible.  Thanks!

One Response

  1. Do you realize that the perp in this case, Raymond Spruell, was a prohibited person? He has a record as long as my arm (http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/pa/pa.urd/PAMW6500).

    First, he’s a felon. Next, he’s had multiple convictions for DV as well as arrests for violating protective orders. Due to the Lautenberg Amendment — law which, by the way, happened to be supported by the Republican-controlled House when Gingrich was the speaker — he’d be a prohibited person for the DV, and he’d also be a prohibited person under the Brady law for his felonies and substance abuse.

    That means under our current gun control laws (both federal and state) it was illegal for this man to TOUCH a gun, much less own one or beat someone with one.

    Why don’t you question why law enforcement has failed to enforce existing laws that prohibit this man from touching a rifle? Would you have felt differently about this crime if Raymond had beat his girlfriend with another blunt object like a tire iron or a baseball bat instead of the butt of a rifle? What should battered women who have tried restraining orders (only to have them repeatedly violated by their abusers) do to protect themselves from male attackers who are generally physically stronger?

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