10/28/2011: Anchorage man uses his 2nd Amendment “right” to fire at cops, thank you gun owners!



Congratulations, gun owners.  This guy, like you, thought he needed a gun.  So he went out and got one because you have worked really hard to make it possible for him to get one.  Then, instead of preventing crime with it, he used it to make crime easier to commit, first by bashing a woman with it, then by firing on some cops with it.  Gun owners are really good at thinking about consequences!  Criminals everywhere thank you!

2 Responses

  1. Nothing in the article you cited gives us an account of how the suspect got the gun in the first place. It doesn’t say that he bought it for home or personal defense. It doesn’t say that he bought it legally, and given his behavior, I have my doubts.

    • Interesting that you’re arguing about how the weapon was obtained instead of focusing on the fact that the NRA and gun owners in the U.S. made it possible for this fella to shoot at cops.

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