8/01/11: Fairbanks man shot, killed

http://www.adn.com/2011/08/02/1996773/fairbanks-man-shot-to-death-suspect.html. No crime prevented here, only crime committed, made easier, because of guns and those who support their ownership.

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  1. The victim in this case has been arraigned for drug dealing, a Class B Felony. He had also just gotten finished making death threats to the shooter’s pregnant girlfriend and kids, which resulted in a police call to remove him.

    The shooter was a friend of this drug dealer, according to the Fairbanks Daily News Miner. One might surmise that the shooter perhaps sampled his friend’s drugs, making him a prohibited person.

    As a person under 21, the shooter could not legally conceal a weapon (Misconduct Involving Weapons 5). He could not buy a handgun at a retail store, nor could he buy handgun ammunition legally (federal law). He could not buy a firearm or any other defensive weapon at all nor could anyone sell him one until he turned 18 (MIW 4), so unless he had just recently purchased this gun there was a crime there too.

    So here we have a shooter — more likely than not a prohibited person who probably shouldn’t have had a firearm based on all of our current laws — killing a drug dealer who had just earlier that day made a bunch of death threats to a pregnant woman and her babies. That sounds a little bit different than the way you put it though.

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