7/16/2011: Two shot in Anchorage gun owners pretend guns not involved somehow

Two more shot. In self-offense. This is what gun ownership brings. http://www.adn.com/2011/07/17/1971936/platinum-jaxx-shootings-sends.html

One Response

  1. Mr. Cook has arrests on his record for felony Murder 1 and drug dealing. He also has multiple substance abuse charges filed against him. Finally, he’s subject to a domestic violence restraining order. He’s almost certainly a prohibited person and it is a felony for him to touch a gun or for anyone to knowingly transfer him one. Those are just his adult records; who know what he did before his murder arrest when he was 19? There’s plenty of time for him to have compiled a juvenile record too.
    Source: http://www.courtrecords.alaska.gov/

    He was also trying to take a loaded weapon into a gun free zone (you’re not allowed to have loaded weapons in bars in Alaska).

    How come the gun control we have now didn’t stop him? Why is it necessary to punish the law abiding for the actions of a likely prohibited person? Plus, even if guns were banned, that’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t have had one–Norway, Mexico, and other countries have strict gun control and still have gun crimes. However, even if we postulate a highly effective program of citizen disarmament as you support, in your opinion, would it have been a less serious crime had he stabbed the guard with a shiv instead of shooting him?

    I’m more curious as to how someone who was charged with murder and felony drug dealing within the last few years was out on the streets, personally. Attempted murder is usually not a first offense. Most violent criminals have long records. The problem isn’t the 99.9%+ of Alaskan gun owners who commit no crimes.

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