3/10/2011: Fairbanks robbers choose guns to make robbery easier & safer

5 Responses

  1. I don’t see how it made this particular robbery any safer or easier.

    Say we lived in your perfect world where no guns existed except for on-duty police that you sent to kill people for you at home and soldiers that you sent to go kill people for you in foreign lands.

    In that world, I’d think it would be pretty darn safe to be a robber if you and a buddy armed with big sticks or kitchen knives got to pick the moment to attack a lone resident. Two men with improvised weapons vs. one lone person (maybe even a female, older person, or handicapped individual)? Great odds. In fact, it might even be safer, because you’d know for a fact that the law-abiding defender has no nasty surprises (like a concealed weapon) that might even the odds.

    Criminals will choose the most effective tools at hand for the job. Guns are effective tools, but they aren’t the only option out there, and removing the guns won’t stop robberies.

    • I’ve never said that guns were the only tool that could be used. I’ve always said that they were the most effective, and offered the criminal the best odds of a successful crime. It seems you agree, kind of. Removing guns won’t stop robberies, yes, but it would reduce them, there is no question about that. You can’t stop stupid people from acting stupidly, but why give them the tools to make them be more effectively stupid?

      • Removing guns won’t stop robberies, yes, but it would reduce them, there is no question about that.

        Actually, that’s quite debatable. The National Academy of Sciences conducted a broad literature review in 2004 and found no evidence for the idea that “more guns leads to more crime.” If anything, the best available evidence seems to suggest that more firearms being carried by citizens seems to either have no effect on violent crime, or a negative effect on violent crime (i.e., such crime goes down). Armed robbery is a violent crime, by the way.

        Your belief is interesting and you’re certainly entitled to an opinion, but it is not one which really is backed up by much evidence.


        It isn’t even a hypothesis which necessarily logically extends from the premises. You seem to think that armed robbery is a “stupid” act committed by “stupid” people. Many criminals are not geniuses, however, they do often rationally select their targets. Most criminologists agree that criminals select targets based on apparent vulnerability. This makes sense; only a doped up meth head would choose to rob a pair of 250 lb body builders instead of a lone 120 lb female. Wide ownership of firearms also imposes costs for the criminal: the criminal does not know who is armed and who is not. They always run a risk of running into a prepared victim.

        If there is broad disarmament of the law abiding, then the criminals have little to fear in terms of surprises. They control the time, place, and circumstances of the engagement, after all!

  2. PS — Are your tags just nonsense? How does “hunter” play into this? Do you have special insight that tells you that a handgun was used as opposed to a long gun? Given that Alaska has plenty of NRA A-rated Democrats, why aren’t both parties tagged? If there’s reasoning for the tags I can’t figure it out.

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. You’re right, there are NRA A-rated Democrats, but I understand that they go for this rating for political reasons, not because they agree with doing so. It’s unfortunate that they do this, but it’s true. Democrats are very pro gun restrictions, even those A-rated ones. But it’s Alaska, and if you want to win….

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