2/19/2010: Anchor Point guns leads to crazy vigilante gun use

2 Responses

  1. Less than a year ago, the perp, Chaunce Hoxie, was charged with theft of a firearm and Burglary 2. Both are felonies. I have to wonder–why was he on the streets to commit more crimes?


    Maybe you should visit Sportsman’s Warehouse and look at gun safes. There are quick access gun safes which prevent casual unauthorized access but allow someone who knows the combination to open the safe in just a few seconds. No safe will prevent a determined criminal who has plenty of time from stealing the contents. Smaller safes can be walked off with; even if chained to the structure of the home, it may be possible to cut chains with bolt cutters. Larger safes can be cracked or loaded onto a truck if time is no factor, as in remote properties. But your claim that it is impossible for a locked gun to be used in self defense is just not true.

    Also, your tags seem a bit odd — Anchor Point is on the Kenai. That’s the opposite direction from Anchorage as Wasilla. Maybe you’re confused about basic Alaska geography… I hope you get outside Anchorage occasionally!

    Luckily our nation’s “backward” thinking is on the march forward. Alaska Carry hasn’t led to blood in the streets in Alaska, and other states are adopting it (Arizona, Wyoming, and now maybe Colorado!). President Obama recently stated that he believes in the 2nd Amendment.


    • Thanks for the comment Chris. I have to wonder what the point is of owning a firearm, if you need to keep it locked up in a safe so you can’t get to it quickly to shoot an intruder. Seems like a waste of money on both the front, and back end.

      As for the tag, I probably just clicked on the wrong tag cloud. It happens. I know where Anchor Point is.

      As for Alaska Carry, I would argue that it has led people to purchasing guns, and there’s only one way that ends up–more potential violence. An armed society is a violent society. This is evidenced every day in the news across the country, not just Alaska.


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