2/28/2011: Anchorage intruders shoot ’em up

2 Responses

  1. Even if the intruders weren’t armed with firearms, do you think three masked men attacking by surprise while hopped up on at least adrenaline wielding, say, knives and clubs, would have an excellent chance of overpowering a groggy man and his girlfriend?

    Note that neither victim could lawfully possess a defensive weapon themselves. Christopher Kendricks has a domestic violence record. The female victim also looks like she had two charges of stalking/DV and restraining orders filed against her, and one that she filed against someone else, so I believe she would also be a prohibited person.

    I have a feeling that if the three masked intruders are ever found then we’ll find that they have long rap sheets involving DV, drugs, and/or felonies, making them prohibited persons as well.

    You’d find that a lot of gun owners are actually really upset at our prison policies. We lock up non-violent drug offenders who had too much weed in possession for a decade, but then violent criminals are paroled early to roam the streets. In some states, the average sentence for attempted murder is less than a decade. I’d prefer that we empty the jails of non-violent criminals, get rid of stupid non-violent felonies (like packing lobsters in the wrong type of bag, or mailing exotic flowers without a license), and lock up actual violent criminals behind bars.

    • I wish this crew, and all other criminals, were faced with having to use clubs and knives instead of guns. Guns make crime much easier to carry out successfully and safely (for the criminal). The rest of us suffer the consequences. Guns make an attractive target in our homes for thieves, who then sell them to other criminals to use against the rest of society.

      The base problem here is easy access to guns. It’s not prison policies, it’s not baseball bats and knives. It’s guns, and the sooner people will admit that fact, and the sooner the NRA is told to go to hell, the sooner we can make our country a better place to live.

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