1/30/2011: 2 shot in Anchorage, gun owners fail again

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  1. Tautua was a prohibited person due to his criminal record. Back in 07 he apparently committed some felonies. He could not have legally bought the weapon from anyone or even possessed it.

    If he purchased from a Federal Firearms Licensee (including pawn shops), he’d have to lie on the 4473 and somehow pass the NICS check, which shouldn’t happen because of his criminal background.

    If he bought from a private seller, he also committed a crime. If a private seller sold it to him and had reason to believe that he was prohibited then they committed a crime too.

    So, we have a transaction that was illegal, a perp that was already ignoring the law, and a perp with a criminal record — he was charged with three Class C felonies including theft of a firearm — who was out on the streets less than two years later although he could have been in prison if he’d been sentenced properly. Maybe the problem is that Alaska law allows Class C felons to be set free without spending a day in prison (AS 12.55.125).

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