4/26/2010: Soldier shoots his wife (dead), 8 month old daughter (dead), himself (not dead)

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  1. You yourself say:
    “The military, guard, and cops can have ‘em, but not everyone.”

    This soldier was a military police troop. Even you agree that the police and military should have guns. He had ready access to firearms at work, so even if he was not allowed to have a private weapon, he easily could have used his duty sidearm.

    On Ft. Rich, they have mandatory gun registration and soldiers can be ordered by their commanders to hand over their privately owned weapons to the armory at any time without probable cause. Those strict gun control measures did not stop this tragedy.

    Perhaps this has more to do with PTSD, the military mental health system, and depression, and less to do with gun rights. Mental illness doesn’t excuse murder-suicide but it sure might explain why it is a problem within the military.


    • That’s right, I do say that. And I say that knowing that cops have shot their own family members, and there have been problems with military folks and their weapons. I don’t advocate for people having firearms in their possession. But I respect the 2nd Amendment which allows for it for the members of the well-regulated militia. Sad that even those folks sometimes can’t resist using firearms to commit crimes. I can tell you this though–if this soldier didn’t have a firearm, it would have been significantly more difficult to do what he did to his family, and himself. It’s hard to shoot without having a gun handy.

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