3/12/2010: 2 killed, 1 more shot in So. Anchorage this morning

2 Responses

  1. Here it it….simple….yet to the point. Were any of the “victims” armed? I bet NOT! Having a gun doesn’t make you a law enforcement officer, or a cop, or a hero. It just equalizes the odds. It is NOT your duty to protect the world or rid the world of evil.

    As an armed citizen, you have NO OBLIGATION to defend anyone! You’re not OBLIGATED to defend innocent “victims” because, as I personally say, they chose to be unarmed. So be it. Heck, you’re not even obligated to defend your OWN SELF!

    You obviously have the wrong idea in mind when you think of armed citizens. They’re not there to protect YOU! They are there to protect themselves and those that they have come to love and care for….and I’ve got bad news for you. You’re not either of them!

    • I do not know if they were armed. Other items they were likely not in possession of: pretty flowers, pizza, kittens…..your point?

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