3/02/2010: Delta Junction gun safe, full of guns, stolen by robbers

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  1. Gwen,

    It sounds like you think that the original owner of the guns should be held liable for whatever criminal activity now occurs with them.

    I noticed in the same police report that $300 was stolen from a vehicle in Ketchikan and a propane bottle was stolen in Manokotek. If the thieves use the money to buy drugs, illicit weapons off the street, or support other criminal enterprises should the original victims be held responsible? If the propane tank is used later as an IED or in an arson should the original owner be charged?

    Also, I’d agree with you to some degree; I don’t think the gun owners made the best choice in locating their gun safe in the garage. When you put valuables like firearms in your garage, every time you open the door to go to work you advertise (1) I own valuables worth stealing and this is where they are stored and (2) I am leaving for work and won’t be back for several hours. A safe — whether its full of guns, jewelry, important papers, or other valuable items — is better stored somewhere lower profile. However, while perhaps not the best choice for security, I don’t think putting the safe in the garage is anywhere near criminally negligent. The fact is that if a thief wants to break into a safe or take the whole thing, they will — all a safe does is slow them down.

    Also, you refer to “safe storage.” There’s a difference between “safe” and “secure.” A trigger lock or thin metal locker is “safe” in that it keeps unauthorized users such as children or curious houseguests from easily accessing the weapons (unless your houseguests bring bolt cutters to dinner parties).

    “Secure” means that they’re hard to steal. As a gun owner you definitely have an obligation to keep your guns stored SAFELY. If you don’t, then you could be sued and held liable if you acted in a criminally negligent manner. SECURITY is also good, but its generally not a legal requirement, and there is no hard standard for “secure” storage — after all, given enough time, a criminal could break into a bank vault!


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