9/03/09: Law breaking, pot possessing gun owner makes bad situation worse. Imagine that.

It’s great that pretty much anyone can have a gun. It makes everything so much better! Take for example, this Wasilla druggie gun owner. They’re just minding their own business in their own home, you know, smoking pot and breaking the law, when this depressed, pot smoking loser starts breaking into the home to steal, presumably, pot. Well the next thing you know, the druggie gun owner busts out a gun and all hell breaks loose. There’s a struggle (guns tend to bring out the worst in people), and the guy busting into the home ends up dead. See, the best thing to do when someone is breaking into your home in search of pot is to simply give them the pot. But gun owners must think that it’s more important to have instant, western-style justice right there on the living room floor, even if it means having to buy new carpet. Plus, they’ve invested all this money in guns/ammo/guncase that hey, who wouldn’t want to use it? Yep, the gun sure made this situation a lot better. It would have been impossible to simply give the guy some pot and let him leave your home alive. It’s much better that he was shot dead. Guess what shooter? Now you’re under arrest! Awesome! Soooo great.

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