12/11/2008: Kotzebue hunter misses target, hits school 1.5 miles away

This guy decided that trying to his dinner was more important than any silly ol’ thing they might be teaching in school. Good thing he had a rifle. Not. It’s almost 2009 dude, time to get your meat at the store.

One Response

  1. Your arguements are very weak and blaming gun people and guns for other people’s stupidity is outrageous.

    “Ballot had been hunting caribou with a Remington .30-06 rifle about a mile and a half away from the school when he missed his target caribou and sent the round into the school, troopers said.”

    Ok maybe the hunter should have been more aware of where he was shooting in relation to the school, but at a mile and a half it is unlikely he could even see it.

    You are an idiot to tell this gentleman that has been hunting for his food for 50+ years to “get your meat at the store”….moron.

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