12/10/2008: Juneau teen killed, another injured, locked gun cabinet of no value

Way to go, pro gun people. Way to go. You’re awesome, aren’t cha?

Interesting. I think some of the comments on this story at ADN.com got out of control so they removed the story completely. That’s my guess anyways.

Here’s a link to the KTUU version.

And the Juneau Empire version…

One Response

  1. The kids were at fault here. They broke into a locked case and started playing with the guns.

    It is people like you that try to make people afraid of guns that gets people killed every year. If gun owners did not feel like they would be persecuted for teaching thier kids about guns and gun safety at an early age maybe this would not have happened.

    I guess if you had your way no body would have guns. Then any idiot with a box-cutter could hijack an airplane or carjack my SUV…oh wait this is already happening. Maybe if the cab driver had possessed a fire arm it would be the criminal in the Hospital and not the cabby.

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