NRA Members = Exceedingly Stupid

Why? Here’s a few reasons:…

1. The NRA banned firearms at “NRA Gunfest” in Louisville, KY, which goes against everything the NRA stands for. They say it’s because John McCain was going to be there, so the Secret Service said no to guns. Gee, why would they do that? Could it be because……..guns are a really, really bad idea?

2. The alert, however, said nothing about pocketknives, which seemingly everybody here was carrying. Hundreds of conventiongoers finally reached the detectors only to be told they could not be admitted with an implement they had never even considered to be a weapon.

Bunch of dumbasses, I swear. They never considered pocketknives to be a weapon? Folks, that is the epitome of stupid.


A pair of Long Islanders who had driven 800 miles to attend the gathering turned in their tickets rather than suffer the humiliation of standing in line to surrender a tiny knife.

“It’s supposed to be about freedom,” said Anne-Marie Biggins of Bethpage as she stood with Brian O’Connor of Farmingdale.

Bloody Jesus on a cross……that is a couple of really stupid people right there. 800 miles? LOL!


Barbara Heetderts of Dallas was about to follow her husband through the screening when an officer found she had six spent shell casings. She was barred from entry.

“Why?” she asked. “It’s empty brass cases.”

“They’re cartridges,” the officer said.

“No, they’re cases,” she replied. “A cartridge has powder, a primer and a bullet in it.”

“I’m saying you can’t take them in,” the officer said.

What kind of a moron walks around with spent shell casings? Seriously.

You gun owners are very dumb indeed. Color me surprised.

2 Responses

  1. I love our blog becaue it keeps me amused. I would color you dumb. Not all gun owners are morons. Just like not all people who drive are smart. there are more accidents and more fatalities of people who Drive then people who own guns. As an ex military Sp and civillian law enforcer, i have never had to draw my gun, nor have i ever had an accident with my personal firearm. When my kid was small I kept my gun out of reach, the amo in a second location, and when my son was big enough to reach where i kept my gun, I kept a trigger lock on it and the gun its self in a locked case where the key was alwasy on my key chain which i alwasy kept on me.
    Acording to the Constitution, the second amendment is a right given to us by God. Driving a car is consideed a privilage and not a right. Rail against all the dumb drivers. many of them drive with thier knees, put on make-up, read the paper or…(mock horro) use cell phones!!!! And DONT get me started on all the parents threatening to climb into the back seat to b]deal with the little ones. this has not been spell checked-lol

  2. Glad you enjoy the blog. It doesn’t change the fact, however, the the NRA promotes death by hiding behind the U.S. Flag. And let’s not bring god into this. LOL!

    The NRA is not an organization to befriend.

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