2/19/2008: Alaskan gun owners bury heads in sand as Anchorage has another homicide

Hey gun owners, this could be you, and it is you that allows this to happen.

2 Responses

  1. gun owners didnt do it. if you take away guns from LAW ABIDING people, then ONLY bad guys will have guns. NORMAL law abiding people dont shoot others and yada-yada.

  2. Gun owners absolutely did this. Gun owners allow this to happen by owning weapons that end up being stolen. I agree with you that normal law abiding folks don’t go around shooting each other. We can be glad about that! But, I submit to you that the folks who shoot each other are also not going to buy their weapons legally. They are getting them on the black market, or at gun shows (which are notorious for not following licensing procedures). Now I ask you: Who is supplying the black market?

    Gun owners are. Heck, some of the posts I’ve made to the blog are about home break-ins where the weapon is then used against the homeowner. Some are about break-ins to gun stores where there are lots of unlicensed guns. Now if a gun store owner can’t protect his property, who can?

    It is a simple fact that guns are making society worse, not better. Thanks for the comment!

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