9/24/2007: I’m a criminal. That’s why I like guns. They make crime easier.

Except for when I shoot myself in the leg.

One Response

  1. Steve, who is clearly a brilliant mind, also sent me the following email:

    “> Hi dude! Since you are so against guns, I have found a country that has very strict gun control policies! Burma! Yea! Citizens of Burma cant own guns! Cool right? WEll unless you are an unarmed citzen and the government is shooting at you! Oh well, the price of peace is getting shot in the street by your own government! I guess it is worth it? I will help you with the moving costs when you get ready to move! ”

    Now normally, I would respond to Steve via a message. Unfortunately, Steve does not accept responding messages. I guess it’s because he’s so incredibly brilliant, and receiving such a response would be a waste of time for him.

    I’m hoping that Brilliant Steve recognizes the brilliance of his analogy, because it really is stunning. I never thought to compare the Burmese government with our own. Or the hundreds of thousands of injuries/deahts related to gun injuries with what is happening in Burma. It must be awesome to be so brilliant that you can just set aside actual thinking and shoot from the hip. You’re a real man of genius, Steve! *raise glass*

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