6/11/07: Gun makes life better at Anchorage party

Just ask those who got shot. Unfortunately, you can’t ask those who were killed.

But guns are real good to have, so you can kill other people. Yay!

2 Responses

  1. People need to learn first aid, fire protection , driving instruction and firearm safety.
    Somehow the uneducated seem to think you can legislate safety this is as silly as legislating morality.
    I would not attempt to sway your opinion as you seem to have your mind made up.
    Accidents do not happen , stupid will happen.
    I wish firearm safety were manditory for us all as well as OSHA 10 and CPR.
    Where are the locks on the medicine cabinets and the cupbord where the cleaning things are?

  2. See the story from 9/12/07. Are you saying that the 7-year old shot the 10-year old because the 7 year old is stupid, and not because guns are simply a bad idea?

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