4/27/07: Oh great. Another really dumb gun guy moving to Alaska

Check out this message I received:

guns ?

How did you or do you transport guns to alaska threw canada do you know I was thinking of moving there and was y told i could not bring my firearms with me I would have to buy new when I go to alaska is this a true statement.”

I mean really now. Did this doofus look at this blog, even for a second? The last thing Alaska needs is another idiot who owns a gun. Or perverts. This is his blog.

Nubin’s 360 Blog

What a damn fool.

5 Responses

  1. Those high heel shoes make great weapons. I’d use those on a Grizz hunt in a second.

  2. I am so sorry you are so scared of guns. Did you ever think it may be the bad people who carry them. Why not ban knives, clubs and string. These can also be used to kill. So it seems you have much work to do to make the world safe from dumb weapon owners or maybe you are a socialist.

  3. Yeah, but at least he is smart enough to bring a gun to grizzly country.

    But, dont worry Mel, the cute furry grizzlies wont hurt you if you just be nice to them and feed them some sandwiches.

    Really, you should take up hiking, and take plenty of smelly snacks with you.

    (Snicker, snicker)

  4. It’s very easy to avoid a nasty bear encounter without a gun. But it does require knowing how to read. I’ll just leave it at that.

  5. LOL! I see that Nubin has taken down most of his 360 site. Hanh hanh!

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