4/16/2007: Crazy guy gets gun because right-winger dummies allow him to, kills 33

Here’s the Fox News link. I know you dummy righties watch Fox because they tend to use smaller words. Guns Are Soooo Great!

6 Responses

  1. WOW! Why didnt you post the number of babies aborted by you lefties? Saudi Arabia has less then a 1% crime rate. Why? Because they KILL you if you murder…our crime rate would be low too IF the LIBS would stop trying to remove the death penalty…Especialy since libs all hate the death penalty, but LOVE abortion.
    FYI-ABORTION is NOT birthcontrole!

  2. I’m flattered that you thought of my blog first thing this morning. Abortion, unlike murder, is legal in the U.S. What’s interesting is that folks such as yourself are anti-abortion, but when the baby is born, you couldn’t care less about what happens to them next. Anyways, the vast majority of abortions are removing a mass of cells from the body that are not equivalent to a human being. See what happens when facts are used? Here’s one for you. Who causes the greatest number of abortions? I’ll give you some time to stew over that. In the meantime, maybe you’d be interested in looking for a home in Saudi Arabia?


    And you’re right, abortion isn’t birth control. I don’t know anybody who uses it that way. But thanks for playing.

  3. (snicker) I love america-Im not one of the lefties who whine about it and want to raise your taxes because you may make more then me-or cry that theres 2 americas, and im all about the average man when I am a millionaire and dont know what the “average” man is about. heck, I used to be demented-er…I mean a lib, but I am not a gold card carrying republican. no more claiming george bush personaly did 09-11, or katrina in NO.

  4. Typical rightie. You can’t support your position (you didn’t even try to!), so you bring up a bunch of unrelated nonsense, which you also can’t support. It’s folks like you (nonthinkers) who gave us the worst President in the history of our country. Congratulations!

  5. he non-thinkers are on the left sise of the road as being liberal is all about feelings before logic. I blame the 33 death at Va.Tech on you liberals who made colledge campuses gun free zones(0r Killing zones) any place that law abiding citizens are not allowed their second amendment right to bear arms ,criminals know they can terrorize the public there as resistance will be null untill cops arive. it only takes 30 seconds to call 911 ,to wait for help to arive could take the rest of your life. get over it guns aren’t the problem criminals are.

  6. Right-winger dummies?

    Are you serious! You’ve lowered yourself even lower than normal, even lower than I thought you could go.

    Now you are showing your ignorance and stupidity, more than usual.

    Now one allowed that mentally deranged guy to get a gun.

    He hid the fact that he was mentally ill when he bought the guns.

    He had no record or history that would have prevented him from legally buying a gun.

    He slipped through the cracks.

    The guy doing the shooting is the one to blame here, not the guns.

    He just happened to not have broken the law before buying the guns.

    It is a very tragic incident, but if one of the people there would have had a gun, they might have saved alot of people.

    Besides, if those spoiled brats would have treated him like a human, instead of ridiculing him and making his life hell, they would be alive to get drunk and snort coke like good little rich snobs!

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