3/02/07: Good thing this guy listened to Charlie Heston

and got himself a gun, because that way, he could go around shooting people with it.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, thanks again for such an intelligent and thoughtful blog entry. Your one liners are soooooooo smart. Did you stop to think whether he bought the gun legally? or not? All of the gun laws or bans wont stop a street thug from getting one. Ever heard of the black market. Say it real slow and you might get it.

    I guess cocaine parties werent enough for you. Now, you want to pick on a gangsta pimp dealing with his hoes and their johns. If he dont pay, he gonna get sprayed!

    I suggest you wise up and get off your soap box, stop being afaid of guns and look at the real problem and what is behind the problem. The cause of the problem is the CRIMINALS!

    I suppose you think it is to cruel to punish the people responsible? You would rather blame the EVIL GUNS. They dont talk back and defend themselves.

    And all of your bleeding heart liberal friends wont criticize you for being prejudice and unfeeling towards the poor, underprivleged thug. It is not their fault they rape and kill and rob people, it is the evil guns fault.

    Well, cry me a river. Waaa Waaaaa

    Gangstas choose to be gangstas and should go to prison for life with no parole if they use a gun in a crime!

    Dont hate the player, Hate the game!

    Use your brain! Player pimp gansta!

  2. over half of all Americans own guns , if merely owning a gun contributed in any way to comiting a crime there would be oner 80 million criminals on thr rampage in this country alone . And what about those Americans who own more than one gun? Are we more influenced by our evil guns to kill the innocent? I’ve been in gun stoers with fewer guns than I own how do I manage to resist the influence of all my evil guns?

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