2/25/2007: Nothing makes a cocaine party sparkle like adding a gun to the mix

Cocaine party?

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like the Mush Inn Motel is the happin’ place in Anchorage. Next time I go, I’ll be sure to bring my guns. After all, guns need a night out and some fun once in a while, too.

  2. The two dudes pushed their way into the one guys motel room and tried to rob him and beat him up. He used his gun to defend himself. I dont see a problem. I cant belive you even posted this one! I mean, how is a guy going to protect his cocaine!

    Oh, wait a minute, He had 1000 dollars worth of cocaine! Isnt that illegal. You didnt say anything about the COCAINE! I guess that is ok and better than a legal gun! Hell, lets ban guns and legalize cocaine! Then we can all snort coke and gather around and sing cum ba ya my lord and have a jolly good old time!

    But, what is a cocaine party without a coke whore and a gun anyway? That would be boring.

  3. Yes, I am a christian, I collect guns and like to target practice. I believe we should have the right to protect ourselves and family from criminals and the tyranny of evil men! I would use a sling shot, like David, but a pistol is my prefered weapon.

    I don’t know your faith or if you have any. Christians are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves, but we also are to hate God’s enemies and fight against them. We have been at war all through time against Satan and his followers. We have had Ji-Had declared against us and have enemies sworn to kill us. If someone wants to kill us because we are christian, then we are to put on the armor of God and fight them.

  4. sounds like a good arguement for banning cocaine , oh wait it is illeagle

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