2/01/2007: Lead flys through the crisp Spenard air

And the people of Spenard thank Wayne LaPierre.

2 Responses

  1. yeah, lets just get rid of all of the guns, would you feel better and not so scared then? I guess you would feel all warm and cosie in your blankie if people were killed with knives and macheties instead. Oh, well let’s outlaw knives and macheties too, especially kitchen butcher knives, the choice of drug addicts when they dont have a weapon of their own. That will solve the problem. Oh wait, we need to ban baseball bats, bricks, hammers, ice picks, swords, wrenches, heavy statues, big rocks, rope. Hell, lets just ban everything.

    Sounds alot like prison, dosent it. Well all of these things are banned in prison and guess what, prisoners stab and shoot each other all of the time! Works great dosnt it. If only things were that SIMPLE!

    We have to be able to protect ourselves. There are alot of bad men out there. Did you catch the national news lately? Four New Orleans COPS are on trial for murder! They were caught on video tape killing unarmed citizens! How would you like to rely on them to protect you if someone was trying to break in your house!

    And yes, there are some accidents with guns. People should know what they are doing before they pick up a gun, there are alot of stupid people in the world. And yes, sometimes children find guns and shoot themselves or their friends and it is very tragic. But, that is the fault of the parents letting the kids have access to the guns. Not the guns fault.

    Well, let me get off of my soap box now and sorry for the sarcasim. But, I have little patience for someone using tragic accidents to play on other peoples emotions, it is juvenile and a common tactic with gun banners. If you have facts, use them. But leave the emotion terroism out of it, use your mind and open your eyes, please.

  2. Awesome story about the cops and how honest and up front they are! Let’s just let the cops be the only ones with guns and then we will only get shot by the cops! Great idea, dude! We should elect you govenor of Alaska! You would make a good politition! There was a awesome cop in my home town when I was in school, he ran over his wife with his patrol car and tried to shoot her! Yea boys in blue! I wish you would put your ideas on your blog, instead of just one liners and copies of newspaper articles. And oh yes, if you go hiking in Alaska, make sure you have your cell phone so you can call 911 when a bear is eating you, you wouldn’t want to shoot an innocent bear for doing what comes natural, would you?

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