1/06/07: ROTC dude uses shotgun to thwart burglars. Cops don’t advocate it.

Basically, the dude was just plain lucky. Notice that the burglar previously made off with two pistols. Now those are on the street, threatening everyone else.

Guns are soooo great.


One Response

  1. I guess the cops would rather the rotc dude have waited until the cops showed up and collect the evidence of the dudes murder? It takes time for the cops to show up, most burglers are gone in only 8 minutes. And they wont do anything until a crime has been commited. I had a cop tell me not to call them until a crime has been commited, that they dont prevent crime, they only arrest someone after he has commited the crime. Great huh! We cant depend on the police to protect us like little kids, they are too busy busting people for speeding and dui’s.

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