12/26/2006: Gun makes it possible to rob salon and wound owner


But it’s a good thing that everybody can own a gun, so they too can be robbed, and then that gun can be used to steal other guns, until eventually, only criminals will have guns.

Hooray NRA!

One Response

  1. Not everyone can own a gun, convicted felons can’t legally own or buy guns. But, they get them and not always by stealing them. They can buy them from another dirtbag. Most guns are stolen by pickup trucks and old granny cars. The dirtbags run their vehical through gunshop walls or windows and grab the guns and leave before the cops get there. Well, lets ban trucks and big old sedans, too.

    Or instead of waiting for the dirtbags to steal all of the guns, we can ban guns and only the criminals will have guns and it will be quicker.

    We need to put the criminals behind bars and leave them there. That is the solution. All of these “gangstas” can kill each other in prison if they want too.

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