5/26/06 10 year old boy shot multiple times

 But guns are good for society, because they keep us free (to shoot 10 year old boys).

And they also help keep us free (to shoot indiscriminately at people’s homes while they’re asleep).


3 Responses

  1. That was really messed up. The father should have had a gun in his glove compartment and blown that a-hole away. If some stupid a@@ with a gun shoots at my car on the road, he will get a face full of hollow points! I will run him off the road, if I cant get a good shot! Then, I will show him what it feels like to be shot at! Where was the police? Oh, they cant be everywhere at everytime, so many dounuts, so little time. As long as there are scumbags like this on the streets, I will keep my pistol with me, Locked and Loaded!

  2. Ok, do you really think that banning guns would change this?

    They are using illegal guns in the first place. If guns are illegal then only criminals will have guns. Obviously you have never been a victim of a physical crime, or you have been, but instead of blaming the criminal you somehow blame the gun he was holding.

    Guns are a tool. Just like the box-cutters the terrorists used to hijack those airliners in 2001. It is how they are used and who is using them that makes them good or bad.

  3. Banning guns and implementing a powerful buy-back program and banning the production and importation of guns would absolutely change the current situation. If you don’t have a gun, you can’t shoot someone. You’ll have to work a little harder and risk a lot more harm to yourself to kill someone if that’s what you want to do. Right now, guns are everywhere, and almost nobody is able to use them in self defense. It’s always been that way. Let’s save American lives by getting rid of them once and for all. Guns are making life in 2008 worse, not better.

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