Guns. Are. Soooo. Great.

I think that in 2006, we should all be very thankful for the 2nd Amendment.  After all, without the 2nd Amendment, we wouldn’t be able to shoot the crap out of people who never saw it coming.   Wanna know why the gubbermint hasn’t suspended your rights and inflicted communism on you?

Guns.  Handguns, specifically.

There’s no way that the gubbermint could take us.  We’ve got some sixty million handguns to fight ’em off with!  And we all know that the military couldn’t possibly deal with that with their piddily little peashooters.

And so we have this blog.  With it, we will celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of the nearest trauma center.  Because we loves our guns.  LOVES OUR GUNS.

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